428 CJ Rebuild Info

Carb rebuild from Holley directly

Holley 1801 Russellville Rd. Bowling Green, KY 42101
Holley Carbs





From a member….

“I am a long time member of the FE forum and I can tell you no one on the forum will tell you to leave it stock especially the  camshaft.Your problems do not multiply when you modify.
Barry has lots of info and lots of video’s to watch. I have built lots of FE’s (including a 428 SCJ) for collector cars and I have always improved them and still kept the stock looks and manners. Your camshaft was designed for fuel we cannot get anymore.

Survival Motorsports, B2 Motorsports, Blair Patrick all know FE’s very well. There is the FE forum and Jay Browns FE forum. Join and ask questions. Read and research. I also doubt anyone of them will tell you to use a centreforce. Most of us all use Mcleod.  For the record I own 4 FE’s including a 428CJ. My 68 Fastback has been powered by a 427 since 1988.


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