ExaData HealthCheck function

# HealthCheck for Exadata environment
# Check if RMAN Running & Generate recent RMAN logfiles
# Copy alert logs to common location for review
# Get load average for all hosts
# Get filesystem space in /u01 directory for all hosts
# Get session info for card & deposits, and check if High Number of Active Sessions
# Check FRA space

# Set parameters
{ mkdir -p /ora01/tmp/exa_check/logs/rman/proj01
  mkdir -p /ora01/tmp/exa_check/logs/rman/proj02
  mkdir -p /ora01/tmp/exa_check/logs/rman/proj03
  mkdir -p /ora01/tmp/exa_check/logs/alert_logs
  mkdir -p /ora01/tmp/exa_check/logs/fs_space
  export fsdir=/ora01/tmp/exa_check/logs/fs_space
  export aldir=/ora01/tmp/exa_check/logs/alert_logs
  export ldir=/ora01/tmp/exa_check/logs
  export sldir=/ora01/tmp/exa_check/logs/ses_info
  export rldir=/ora01/tmp/exa_check/logs/rman
  export tff=`date +%m%d%y_%H:%M:%S` }