GoldenGate Autostart vs. Auto Restart

autostart vs autorestart in goldengate


We are having goldengate setup between oracle rac db of versions on Linux platform.

We are trying to setup action script via ggsapp service to start/stop all processes automatically.


We had come across these 2 parameters but had some concern.

As mentioned in GG reference, AUTOSTART parameter to start one or more Extract and Replicat processes automatically when Manager starts.

AUTORESTART  parameter to start one or more Extract and Replicat process to be restarted by Manager after a failure


While testing, I stopped one of extract manually and it didn’t come up automatically. This seems to correct for me

as autostart will take into effect only when manager starts and autorestart will work only when process gets failed.

There is no parameter which can bring up process automatically if its stopped manually other than some shell script with some code.

Please correct me.

Also will there any negative impact at any situation if we add autostart in mgr.prm