Install GoldenGate

GoldenGate Install Order


modify .profile_env
modify .std_profile

cp_profile.ksh – Copies profiles and mkdirs
cr_scrpt_dirs.ksh – Create the dirs. needed (modify for the larger group)
cp_all_ggcom.ksh – Copies the ggcommon directory to various nodes

admscr – located in the .profile_env or .std_profile
execute *ggini

(planned) gg_cr_rsp_all_fn.ksh – Create response files for all installs for this particular node
gg_cr_rsp_fn.ksh – Creates the response file that will install GoldenGate
gg_cpy_rsp_fl_fn.ksh – Copies the response file to the correct directory
gg_inst.ksh – Executes the installation
gg_cr_subdirs_fn.ksh –
gg_cr_mgr_prm_001_fn.ksh – Create the manager parameter file
gg_cpy_mgr_fn.ksh – Copy the manager parameter file to the proper directory
gg_start_mgr_fn.ksh – Start manager via the GGSCI not to be used with AGCTL
gg_infoall_fn.ksh – switches to a GoldenGate directory and does an info all for status