Oracle XAG Explained

XAG Bundles

Oracle Grid Infrastructure Bundled Agents (XAG) are Oracle Grid Infrastructure  (GI) components that provide the HA framework to application resources and resource types managed through the bundled agent management interface, AGCTL. This post will help to understand, implement the XAG agents to have local HA for Golden Gate.

To install, this zip file needs to be downloaded and expanded in a temporary directory.

Currently there is a function to do this, typically the directory to store the current version zipfile is /ora01/Oracle_SW/xagXX (where XX is the version  of the XAG software you wish to install).
The $XAG_HOME and sub-directories must be owned by Oracle Grid Infrastructure install owner.

The setup script,, must be run as the Oracle Grid Infrastructure install owner.

The script offers the option to install local only (current node, which is the default) or to install on all nodes in the cluster or, a subset of nodes in the cluster where the application is targeted to run.

When deploying the bundled agents to multiple nodes in the cluster, the is executed on only one node of the cluster, and the script will attempt to create $XAG_HOME directory on all remote nodes. (the XAG standard home directory is /oracle/admin/xag_XX (where XX is the current version  number)