Start, Stop, Report , Altering Replicat – Repositioning etc.

Like extract altering, you can also alter the replicat process to reposition to start over replication process from a trail file, Along with reposition with specific extseqno , you can also reposition to specific date and time especially useful when you regenerate extract trail files or replication abended for some reasons.

Start Stop Replicat start replicat rep3

stop replicat rep3 Starting and Stopping Replicat Process

stop replicat r* stop/start replicat process or group that start with r*

start replicat r*

Kill Replicat kill replicat rep3 Kill the replicat process when the stop command does not respond

Lag Replicate lag replicat rep3 Shows how much lag replicat is from the extract.

From particular extract sequence
ALTER REPLICAT rep3, EXTSEQNO 53 Useful when you know which sequence the replicat stop and restart from that point

From particular RBA address

ALTER REPLICAT rep3, EXTRBA 1001 Useful when the extrail is available and you want to read from particular place to
avoid duplicity of data

0 – means from header

n – means from particular that point.
From Particular date

ALTER REPLICAT rep3, BEGIN 2011-01-07 08:00:00

Reads and start replicate from particular date and time
Unregister Unregister replicat rep3 Rather delete if you want to unregister the replicat from database, so ti removes the information from the goldengate metadata.
Delete delete replicat rep3 deletes the replicat from process
cleanup cleanup replicate rep3 cleansup records from checkpoint table , does not delete the replicat