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When doing any type of upgrade/patch I’m often asked about backing up the existing binaries and how to save the customer from minimal downtime. One of the ways this can be achieved is by simply making another oracle home tar copied from the existing home. This now gives several options that allow flexibity in many ways.

# tar -cvf /tmp/u01.tar /u01
First parameter is the location of the tar file, second paramater is the directory where the oracle home is located

# gzip /tmp/u01.tar

You can then gzip it to make it smaller/easier to move it

Once moved to the destination server

# gunzip /tmp/u01.tar.gz
# cd /
# tar -xvf /tmp/u01.tar

Root Configuration Scripts

Run the root configutation scripts, generated as part of the original installation, on the destination server as the “root” user.


Modify Config Files

If you have not prepared the “.bash_profile” as part of the destination server setup, copy the file from the source to the destination server.

# scp /home/oracle/.bash_profile oracle@

Edit the “.bash_profile” file on the destination server, giving it the correct value for the ORACLE_HOSTNAME environment variable.

Amend any hostname or IP references in the “listener.ora” and “tnsnames.ora” files in the “$ORACLE_HOME/network/admin” directory.

Edit the “/etc/oratab” making sure all instances are referenced correctly. In my case I need to add the following entry.


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