Important Fixes required to implement Oracle Automatic Storage Management File System (ACFS) on Oracle Exadata Database Machine (Doc ID 2022172.1)


Per the below noted doc ID ACFS on Exadata is now supported for GoldenGate files

Oracle ACFS Support on Oracle Exadata Database Machine (Linux only) (Doc ID 1929629.1)

Oracle ACFS use cases on Exadata Database Machine

  • The initial design objective of ACFS on Exadata was to provide a general purpose, industry standard, POSIX compliant cluster file system on Exadata platforms to manage all general purpose files with good performance. Oracle ACFS also supports the industry standard network protocols NFS/CIFS and offers a highly available NFS solution with the HANFS feature.
  • Oracle ACFS now supports Oracle Database 10g and releases. Customers can now migrate their 10g Oracle Databases to Exadata and upgrade later. This makes Exadata a more flexible platform enabling consolidation and easy migration for customers.  See Document 1965897.1 for additional details.
  • Oracle ACFS may be configured as a shared Oracle database home, middleware and application homes/binaries and shared files like Oracle Golden Gate trail files etc…
  • Oracle ACFS can be configured for use with the database particularly to leverage Oracle ACFS snapshots for database testing and development.


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