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GoldenGate to via GoldenGate HUB

Setup includes

VM Hub setup can be used

Either VirtualBox and/or VMWare can be used

Setup the hub according to MRC standards with software installs as well as client installs

Links to scripts and other posts will be here soon……

Ensure the timezone is correct between the servers otherwise the testing will not complete

Ensure the supplemental logging is complete

The setup includes GoldenGate (and patches) installed on the hub server to talk to the 11g ( database

11g Client Download

it also includes 19c GG setup to talk to the 19c database

Extracts are setup in the 12c GG home to talk to 11g and share a common trail file location

Make sure the mrcenv file being used allows for setup of the environment for both 12c GG and 19c GG

mrchost_mrcenv can be used for both environments

Once completed with this setup make a snap like I did in order to make the config easy to propagate

GoldenGate Number Of Replication Groups

We are currently looking into the recommendation of having a single extract / replicat replication group.


I may change my opinion on recommending the number of extracts / replicats for a particular customer, I have based this on some information in discussions some really knowledgeable folks. I am going to consider using this as a guideline from now on to create a single extract details to follow…..