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Kustom Krust Website Info.

Hi Michael, 

Hope you’re having a great week!  Wanted to get in touch because your splash page is ready.  You can view it here:
The only thing that is missing is the email signup button, which I can easily add if you can temporarily grant me access to your Mail Chimp account.
If you are not comfortable with this, we can collect email addresses through BentoBox’s Email Marketing.  Then, when we set up your full site, we can easily export this list to your Mail Chimp Account. 
Also, please confirm you are comfortable keeping your blog on for now (and again – when we launch, we will build you a blog page that will live on
When we are ready to launch this, I’ll send you the two DNS records you’ll need to change.

Hi Mike,

Awesome – I’m so glad you like it, I think it looks great too.  Below are the two DNS records you will need to change in order to make
  • A Record (Host = @) should point to:
  • CNAME Record (Host = www) should point to:

If you could let me know when you change the DNS records, I’ll finish up the launch process on my end.


Kustom Krust Plans

Architect – Paul Girardeau (770) 639-0200        /

Contractor – John Plasky (678) 640-8273 cell  /

Michael & Suzanna Culp (864) 250-0419            /

Address: 755 Hammett Bridge Rd., Greer, South Carolina 29650 / Suite 150

The initial set of plans submitted for review

2018-92.01 AE PERMIT.pdf

Initial Plans Link (Click Here) (25 pages)

  • Cover Sheet                                                           Page 1
  • Appendix B                                                             Page 2
  • Life Safety Plan                                                    Page 3
  • Existing Building Plan & Demo Plan        Page 4
  • General Notes and ADA Info                       Page 5
  • ADA Info                                                                  Page 6
  • Floor Plan                                                                Page 7
  • Reflected Ceiling Plan                                     Page 8
  • Equipment Plan and Schedule                    Page 9
  • Elevations                                                               Page 10
  • Interior Elevations                                            Page 11
  • Floor Finish Plan and Schedule                  Page 12
  • HVAC Details                                                  Page 13
  • HVAC Floor Plans                                              Page 14
  • Hood Details – 1                                              Page 15
  • Hood Details – 2                                              Page 16
  • Hood Details – 3                                              Page 17
  • Plumbing Gen & Details                                 Page 18
  • Plumbing Supply Floor Plan                         Page 19
  • Plumbing Drainage Plan                                 Page 20
  • Plumbing Gas Supply                                        Page 21
  • Electrical Legends and Notes                      Page 22
  • Power Plan                                                             Page 23
  • Lighting Plan                                                         Page 24
  • Panel Schedules & Riser Diagram            Page 25

Interior Lighting COMcheck

Revision Set #1

This is the first set of revisions based on the comments from City of Greer

Kustom Krust Plan Review I.pdf     at: Kustom Krust Plan Review
2018-92.01 A-000-A-000 R1.pdf  at: Revised Cover Sheet                                Page 1 Revised
2018-92.01 A-111-A-111 R1.pdf  at: Revised Reflected Ceiling Plan          Page 8 Revised
2018-92.01 A-110-A-110 R1.pdf  at: Revised Floor Plan
2018-92.01 A-002-A-002 R1.pdf  at: Revised ADA Information                     Page 6 Revised
Interior Lighting COMcheck.pdf    at: Interior Lighting COMCheck

Walk-In Cooler Original Plans    Plan Link

This does not include the increase in size panels for the walk-in

Sign Plans Signage 2018-92.01 A-200-A-200 R1