GoldenGate Integrated Capture

GG Integrated Capture

Architecting GoldenGate

Binaries consume approx 600MB

Each process consumes about 50MB of memory this can quickly consume a lot of memory

Base processing will consume

Manager process, extract, pump, replicat which at the base is about 200MB

Each process assumes 1 CPU core

GoldenGate requires a number of TCP/IP ports in order to operate. It is important that your network firewall is allowed to pass traffic on these ports. One port is used solely for communication between the Manager process and other GoldenGate processes. This is normally set to port 7809 but it can be changed. A range of other ports are for local GoldenGate communications. These can be the default range, starting at port 7840 or a predefined range of up to 256 other ports.

Oracle recommends at least 256 GB of space per Extract process for the dirtmp subdirectory.


Administering GoldenGate Doc

Sample configuration for handling collisions

Customizing GoldenGate Processing

Using “EXITS” to customize GoldenGate processing

Architecture Plans

Maintain Live Standby w/GoldenGate



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