Using RMAN to Migrate a database into ASM

One of the ways to migrate a database to ASM is to use the Rman “Backup as Copy” command to create a database copy into ASM storage and then switch the database to the copy.

This technique can be used, combined with incremental backups, to move even very large databases into ASM.

The first backup may take a long time, one or more incremental backups can be used to update the first backup and close the gap, until a downtime window is obtained to switch the database on filesystem to the backup on ASM.

Migrating a Database Into ASM

Backup Database Into ASM

Spfile Backup into ASM

Consistent database shutdown

Prepare Pfile for the ASM Database

Start the database in NOMOUNT mode

Change Parameters on Spfile to point to ASM

Move the controlfiles into ASM

Switch the Database from File System to ASM

Recover The Database

Migrate the Temporary Datafiles to ASM

Move Flashback logs into flash recovery Area

Move RMAN Change Tracking File Into ASM

Remove the File System Old Files

Remove the Old Spfile from Filesystem


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